20th September 2019

Tips for Buying a Used Car

Buying a used car can often be advantageous over choosing to buy a new car. It can mean huge savings and could save you a fortune in depreciation. It can be quite a daunting task though, as you sometimes hear horror stories of people being sold inadequate cars, but this article will tell you how to avoid that happening and give you the confidence to go out and find your dream car! Where to Buy From  Beginning your search can often be the hardest part of buying a used car. It’s difficult to know where you should go to get the best deal possible. Dealers, independent garages and private driveway traders are all valid options, but they come with different pros and cons. Buying from a driveway trader can be tempting because you are likely to save on upfront costs, but it is riskier. Dealerships and independent garages, on the other hand, like us will put their cars through rigorous inspections and they come with a warranty, which is not something you can guarantee with a driveway trader. On top of that, it’s possible that you will save money in the long run with a dealership or independent garage because you’re more likely to spend money on repairing cars bought from driveway traders. Do your research beforehand, read what other people have said about a business before you visit. That way, you will know more of what to expect and you will know that you are in the safe hands of a reputable business. What to Check When Viewing the Car Once you’ve found the right place to buy from, it’s time to look at the cars. When you have found a car you like, be sure to check it over thoroughly. Just from viewing a car you can grasp whether it is up to your standards. You don’t want to pay for a car that isn’t quite right, so don’t skip this important step. There are a few things which we have included below that you shouldn’t miss checking. 1. Tyres  Checking the tyres on a used car is incredibly important as they are the only part of the car that is actually in contact with the road. Ensure that they are in good condition by checking for wear and tear such as cuts or cracks. You could also check the tread depth and pressure to make sure that the tyres are well maintained. 2. Overall External Condition Check for scratches, dents and chipped windows. It is also important to look at the panel gaps. Panel gaps that are very large could indicate that the car has previously been involved in an accident. 3. Under the Bonnet Check for any general damage, especially on hoses and pipes. Keep an eye out for any dark brown oil stains as this could indicate leakages. Check the fluid levels to see that they’re not empty. Empty fluid levels could also be an indicator of a leak. It is also worth making sure the car does not have a head gasket problem by removing the oil cap and checking for a foamy residue. 4. Electrics Once inside you can check that all of the electrics are working, including the radio, the aircon, the windows and the lights. These issues might be easily fixed, but it would create an unnecessary hassle you shouldn’t have to deal with. What to Check When Test Driving a Used Car If you’ve looked at the car and everything seems to be in order, next comes the exciting part when you get to take the car for a test drive. This is a great way to see how the car feels for you, but it’s also important to check that the car is in a good working condition. There are certain things you should be sure to try and other things to listen or look out for. 1. The Gears Do the gears change smoothly and does the gear stick automatically return to the middle when you take it out of gear? You should try and go through all the gears if you can, this would also be a good time to check if the car performs as well as you would expect. If the car does not accelerate or decelerate as well as you think it should, perhaps there is a problem that needs to be sorted before you can go ahead with the sale. 2. Turning Over It might sound obvious, but you need to make sure that the car starts ok. A car that struggles to turn over might have a battery problem. You should also check how the car starts after running for a while, to ensure it still starts when it is warm. 3. Clutch Clutch problems can be extremely pricey to fix, so it’s incredibly important to make sure it is in working order before you buy the car. Can you take off smoothly? Does the car judder when pulling away quickly? Does the clutch slip? These can be indicators that the clutch might need to be replaced. 4. Steering & Suspension These two will probably be obvious as soon as you start driving. Listen out for any odd noises when going around a bend to check that there isn’t a hidden problem with the steering. Try going over speed bumps if possible, to check that the suspension is working as it should. 5. The Brakes It’s extremely important to fully test the brakes to ensure that you are buying a safe car. If possible, try an emergency stop. You don’t want to one day find out that your car cannot stop quickly in an emergency. Also, be sure to listen out for any unusual noises and that the car doesn’t pull to one side when you come to a stop. Find the Car That is Right for You Buying a used car can be a very confusing experience, but there is no need to feel overwhelmed. The most important step you can take is finding the right place to buy from, that way you know you can trust what you are buying. At Bellamys we have always put you (the customer) first. Our friendly sales team are here to help with any of your queries and after you buy a car with us, we offer unique aftersales care, so you know you’re in good hands. To see the services we offer, look here & for our impressive range of used cars, look here.

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31st July 2019

We've changed...for the better!

Bellamys opened its doors back in 1947 as a family-run car sales company. We’re proud of how far we’ve come since then, and we always endeavour to improve where we can. Because of this mindset that we’ve always had, we know that making changes is necessary from time to time... and we have in fact made a few changes recently to our brand to further improve and expand our stock for you whilst continuing to provide our same high-quality customer service. We have highlighted below all there is to know about our recent changes; the reason for the changes & what’s new. Why have we changed? All in all, at Bellamys we put you (the customer) first. And part of putting you first means finding ways to provide a better experience from the beginning of the car-buying journey right through to the end. We saw the opportunity of changing from a Citroën-only to an independent dealer as a benefit for both you and us, by being able to offer a wider selection of cars and services. What’s new? We should probably start by telling you that Bellamys London is now a used and nearly new car dealership in London and Kent, offering quality vehicles from a large range of manufacturers, increasing the choice we can offer to you, our customers. And our USP? It’s that we offer dealer facilities as an independent specialist. We have highlighted below the key changes which we have implemented to help us give you the experience you want and deserve. Our name  We are of course still the same trusted name ‘Bellamys’, just without the Citroën, as we now offer a wider selection of cars and services across all brands. The variety of cars  As already mentioned, we have expanded our variety of cars, which is great because it means there’s more to choose from. No longer being limited to just one brand, this means you are more likely going to find a used (or nearly new) car that suits your wants and needs. Take a look at our used cars here. Warranty & Roadside Assistance One of the ‘dealer’ facilities as an independent specialist that Bellamys London can offer you is the warranty & roadside assistance services. 12 months warranty and 12 months roadside assistance will give you peace of mind in used motoring, so you can walk away knowing you’re covered where you need to be. For warranty & roadside assistance services, explore more here. Servicing & MOT Although we already offer servicing and MOTs, these were previously for Citroën cars only. We now service and MOT any car, any brand, any model. For servicing & MOTs, explore more here. Summer Car Checks Our annual summer car checks are back again this year, with a slight change; we do checks on cars of all makes and models, we are no longer restricted to Citroën. So, similarly to servicing and MOTs, we can cater to more customers in London and Kent. You can book your summer safety check here. Take Advantage of The New Bellamys London In just our first month, we have already seen a positive impact at Bellamys London, having fulfilled the needs for more customers this month than any other month so far this year! This says to us that we are speaking our customers’ language better than before, and we hope to continue doing so because seeing happier customers is what we call success. We hope that the new and improved Bellamys London will give you a better chance of finding your dream car at a great price. It makes sense since we offer a wider variety of cars than before! Now you know what’s new at Bellamys London, it’s time for you to start your car buying journey with our wider selection of used cars here.  

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